...Second Entry? Don't Know What to Call These Things

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I'd just like to start out by saying that this site is a lot of fun, and everybody here has been way nicer than I expected. :)

SO my boyfriend and I went out last night which was really, really fun. We were supposed to go to the movies but it turned out what we were gonna see wasn't playing. We drove around for awhile and then decided to go to school. It was really dark, and locked, but we got into the courtyard by squeezing in between part of the gate and the wall. Then we walked around and stood on the tables and talked and stuff for a long time. It turned out the bathrooms were unlocked so we went in there, where he broke the paper towel dispenser with his screw driver, for no real reason... I hope we don't have to have a gathering about it on Monday.

In a little while I'm going out to lunch with a friend of mine. I was completely in love with her for almost a year. She's straight, unfortunately. We had (and have) the weirdest relationship ever. It is AMAZING that we're still friends... Over the summer, she sort of figured out (as if it wasn't obvious) that I was totally into her, and freaked out, and completely destroyed our relationship. A few weeks later, she insisted on repairing it. So now we're friends. I'm still not sure what the deal was before, though. Either she's not straight, or she's like, a crazy genius when it comes to leading people on.

Anyway, I know that was a sort of pointless little ramble, but there you have it. Maybe I'll have something more exciting to say later...


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Sneaking into school at night with one's boyfriend... sounds fun...

Well, it's good that your friend decided to repair your friendship. When I told my friend I was into him we tried to make our friendship work, but it's been suffering--mostly due to me, I suspect...

The people here ARE nice, aren't they? (preens for a minute (jk)) I'm glad you like it here.