Silly Crushes?

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hey guys, i'm new and in need of advice-- or someone to listen-- i believe that i could be bi-- this is because i find myself attracted to other women and some men (but mostly women) i have been a fan of Mad Tv ever since it debuted on television-- Nicole Sullivan (the blonde in the first 6 seasons) was my favorite cast member-- when she left i didn't feel the same way about Mad TV as i once did. i find myself searching the tv guide for guest appearances on shows by Nicole-- is this a crush? or am i just placing my emotions on a person i admire for something she has that i don't? I even catch myself having day dreams about her-- am i crazy?

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dont fight e feeling!!

wooo hoo
i love nicole!!!
she was soo funny, i watch reruns of madtv just for her ... hehe
you're right the show just lost some of its flavor since she's been gone.

and yes it is a crush that you have on her. nothing serious though, it'll fly.

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Sounds like a crush to me. Bu

Sounds like a crush to me. But it's no big deal: everybody has crushes on celebrities once in awhile.

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To be clear...

You might have a crush AND be completely crazy.

It's not necessarily either/or.

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Crush alert!!

Yeah this definitely sounds as if you have a crush on Nicole, don't worry though crushes like yours are completely normal and nothing for you to worry about!!

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im the same way only wif brit

im the same way only wif britney spears. wen people say things about her like call her a slut i start shutting a yelling at them. not many people like her but i do. i think she is amazing.

do i have bad taste lol

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nope. i dont think u have bad taste at all... i had the BIGGEST crush on Britney Spears... it had gotten to a point where one summer i would not wear anything but Britney clothes... if it didnt have her name or her picture on it i didnt wear it... yeah i was obsessed...i still find her facinating but i think that was a cruch stage...

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no ur not

ur not crazy everyone weather they admit it or not has a crush on a celebrity at least once in their life... me i had 4... i know that was just weird but i am weird... but its normal... so dont u worry about it... you will outgrow it oneday.

^_^ DONT hate diveristy
EMBRACE diversity ^_^