Snowstorms in March

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I'm not sure quite what I want to say, but I wanted to say something, so here goes.

I feel really bad today and I don't know why. Part of it is probably my whole anxiety issues whatever stuff, part of it is the weather. I live in New Mexico, and the last week or so it's been beautiful: sixty degrees and warmer, sunny, not too windy like it often is in March. Just great. But today there was the crazy snow storm. School was delayed, and it's still coming down hard. We're supposed to get about a foot, which is a LOT for here. Whenever it snows, I just get even weirder. It makes me anti-social; I just want to hide and watch the snow. Which is bad, because I get really... Strange and sad, if I spend too much time alone.

Everything in my life is fine. I hate it when I feel bad without a reason.

I've also been having trouble writing (I've been writing my whole life; lots of poetry but stories too... I've written three novels, and am looking into getting the best one published). I keep getting these ideas but then getting scared, like, the story is too big, it's bigger than me, it's out of my league, I should just give up already. I hate it, it's terrible; doubt in the context of writing is not something I'm used to dealing with.

Anyway, that's all... I know this is kinda self-indulgent. And maybe this isn't the right place to be posting it. Blah. Oh well.


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Post whatever you want

Here's the perfect place to post this entry. Is there any particular reason why you're doubting your writing?

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No, not really; it just came

No, not really; it just came up all of a sudden... I spent a few months doing a lot of spoken word-type poetry, and recently I've felt like I kind of have a format for those pieces that I'm comfortable with, and that maybe I should just stick to writing bacially the same melodramatic performance piece over and over.

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