Something New..

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I've decided (with alot of thought mind you) that i need something
right now to kinda keep me in focus.. I've been well.. hurting myself
to kinda get rid of alot of emotional problems and just to deal with
a few things.. and i know its far to self destructive.

So I'm gonna try something thats going to end up either being a complete
waste of time and probably alot of money.. or a huge success and i'll be
thankful for it until the day i die.

I have a HUGE!!! love of music.. I respect artists, I adore bands that
suit my interests.. Theres not a waking moment were i'm at home where
i dont have music on (if i can help it) and I love the idea of being in
a band.

So i'm going to start one.

I dont have any instrumental talent.. but i have a guitar and an amp..
I have a love for music.. i have a need for something to keep me going
and determination to do something interesting with my life..

I'm a decent writer.. and I have written alot of lyrics for my friends
(for their band Upstate! search upstate and get the
one from hayesville NC) And i dont think my voice is.. terrible..
so i'm gonna expirement with vocals first.. if that fails then i'll
try drums (was in marching band and played percussion so i have some
idea on them) and if all else fails.. my cousin is a great guitarist and
i know he'd love to help me..

I've got a few friends that have instruments and a bit of talent.. but
many of the ones who would actually want to start a band dont have
anything at all.. and honestly they're the ones i'd like to do a band with

This could blow up in my face like there no f***ing tommorow.. but
if i dont get rid of some of this stress and deppresion then i'm
really afraid of what i'll end up doing to myself..

So i'll keep you guys posted on the band

(if anyone has even a slightly good band name then send it to me
cause so far all we can really think of is either "Losers out of Luck"
or "The Saint Rejects" and we really just need a name rigth now to give
us some idea where we want the music to kinda fall)


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All Hell

Umm i love band and music and no offense but i wouldnt listen to your band if your band was named "The Saint Rejects"... sry im really shallow

I think maybe "All Hell"... lol i think of the most morbid names