Still sick

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Well, I feel just great. I'm still home sick with pneumonia, taking three prescription medications and normal ibuprofen painkillers for headaches and to keep my temperature down. If I'm no better tomorrow I'm most likely going to have to go into hospital, and I don't want to. I've sat around doing nothing much for a week and a half now, and I'm bored and tired of it all.

Nothing much more to say. I'm tired, and going to bed, but I probably won't sleep for sevreal hours. Again. Like for the last week and a half.



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Poor u

Awwwwwww I'm really sorry to hear that you're still ill Tarni. Please don't dread going to hospital too much because it really isn't that bad and it may be the best place for you in order for you to fully recover. Hope you get well soon x

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hope you feel better soon

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I really really hope you feel better.Keep your hopes up it's just the hospital just don't die of boredom i mean.Laterz.

I want to cry but my pride won't let me.

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that sucks

*hugs* I think it's just one of those things that takes ages to get over. Poor you, feel better soon...maybe going to hospital will just speed the process up and you can get on with your life sooner. Lol, at least the hospital will be a change of scenery for your bored eyes...