Strange Dreams

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I had a very strange dream... basically I was trying to be a slut with all these guys that I think might be gay or bisexual... Like... actually having sex with them. Really awesome guys that I only kind of know. Anyway, the thing is that I had fight with my boyfriend in my dream about it. It was odd.

Problem: One of those guys is part of my theatre troup and I really really really like him, but I'm not entirely sure about his sexual preferences... I mean, he's so awesome and intelligent and attractive, but I know he had a girlfriend. However, he's always touching me and saying flirty things... It's all very confusing. I still haven't talked to my boyfriend about personal boundaries. Argh.... Arhgarahgpai3jajpc18j'dx m<0y81 bf'.


I also had a Clinic for theatre on friday. I did terrible. The guy, "Bob," is the techie and he was really nice about it... Ugh. Ugh. UGh. UGAHA.

I need to go run lines.