Sunday night homework rush...

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I hate Sunday nights sometimes. When I have nothing to do I love them, but these days I nearly always have lots of homeowkr to finish off. My Saturdays are taken up with my ceramics class, doing my chores around the house, and any other stuff that I want to do (eg, writing). Sundays I reserve for homework. And it sucks. I hate homework, it bores me to tears.

Y'know, we should have a three day weekend. Since weeks and weekends aren't natural pattersn but human-invented ones, can't we just change them to 5 weekdays 3 weekend days? Or even 6 weekdays and 3 weekend days. Just so we can have one day where we don't have school/work either the day before or the day after. It really sucks. We have no day to truely relax.

And I have no idea in hell how some people have a part-time job, go to parties and all that stuff, as well as keep up with homeowrk and stuff around the house. I have enough trouble keeping my mind off writing for long enough to finish my homework!

Anyway.. not much else to write about. I'm lonely, no one is on msn to talk to me... *cries*



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*cries with Tarni*

Grrr...i know how you feel, i'm tearing my hair out right now in the 'Sunday night homework rush' I wish i was in the US right now, then it would only be Saturday...right? or at least Sunday morning... oh well...

"Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself."

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screeeming to a wall

man i know exactly how you feel. ive spent four hours this morning writing an essay on sedat and the middle eastern crisis, and what have i learnt other than the fact isreal is harder than nails... that i hate my history teacher... and she is the only one left who lkes me... shit. well ive got 3 more essays to write so c ya