take me as i am

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The only normal thing to be is to be different.
I am so different, you call me weird, off-beat, insane- but I’m just expressing myself, as I am. I am just asking you to take me as I am. And if you think that’s weird then, I’m not the one with the problem but instead you are the one with the problem.
I’m not asking you to change, or to adjust your mind and perception in order to accommodate for my lunacy- which I don’t think is lunacy- no.
I’m just asking you to accept me-
Because there is no way you can tell me you love me and mean it,
If you can’t even accept me for who I am. Because when you love someone, you think they are perfect in their imperfection, in every way, but there is so much that your eyes say you would like to change about me. I see in the way you look at me sometimes when I’m having a ‘moment of madness.’- as you like to call them. These aren’t moments, these are outbursts of the real me- uncut, uncensored…
If you can’t endure that, then I’m afraid I can’t let you say you love me- coz that would be lying.

"take me as i am..."- wycelf