Thank God it's spring break!

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Oh man..did I ever need this week off.

So I told you all how I was rejected by the girl I like...well a few days later I found out I didn't get an RA job for next school year. That really really upset me...I didn't even realize how upset I was going to be when/if I didn't get the job. I've wanted to be an RA since my freshman year, and I've never contemplated not being one. Now knowing that I'm going to be just another senior in my dorm...well it's just kind of hard to handle. Maybe I can be an Honorary RA...I can make sure I'm really involved in whatever section I end up being in. I know one thing's for sure...I'll try very hard not to be one of those seniors who none of the freshman ever know because they're either in their room or at class all day.

I'm still waiting to hear about the summer internship I applied for. They say bad things come in threes, so I'm hoping my brutal exam last thursday counted as thing #3...I'm just afraid with how things have been going that I'm not going to get this internship. Then things will really be a mess.

Onto happier things, we got cable internet at home now! Yay! now I don't have to bemoan the slow speed every time I'm on break. Plus I can be online and not tie up the phone line.

Okay, well I think i'm going to go for now. Not that I have anything pressing to is spring break after all... ;) but I've been rambling on long enough.



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I've been an RA for three yea

I've been an RA for three years now - so some advice. Over the next few months, people may decide to not take the job, or a better opportunity will arise. Talk to people in Res Life, let them know you are still interested, maybe ask if there are other positions that you may be involved in. if you show this interest, they will know you are serious about this job - and if a spot opens up, they will remember that when they have to pick someone to fill it.

I'm sorry about the girl! That just means your soulmate is still out there, and as nice as it is to be in a relationship, sometimes kissing a few of the wrong people along the way can be kinda fun.

Chin up - it'll get better.
Miss Chloe

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Thanks for the advice, but un

Thanks for the advice, but unfortunately it doesn't really work quite like that at my school... :-P (Only seniors are RAs) If you're picked to be an RA, you can't just change your mind, unless it's some extraordinary circumstances or something. Jobs don't typically open up mid-year. But...that's ok. I'm getting more used to the idea of not being an RA. I'm still going to try and be very active in my section next year.

"and as nice as it is to be in a relationship, sometimes kissing a few of the wrong people along the way can be kinda fun."

Haha...I wish I could've kissed her!!! ;)


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