thats just the effect she has on me...

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I surprised myself today. i looked across the cafeteria at the love of my life and instead of feeling a mandatory pang of jealousy, I sat back, chilled and smiled. She was breath-taking. i didnt mind what she was laughing at or who she was laughing with.

It didnt matter.

All that did was that she was happy and joyous, unworried about anything- i looked at her and all my stupid anger fell away from me. Then i picked up my pen and wrote this "story." Finally i can to The End. The End of my story, argument, stupidity, frustration, thoughts. Just the sight of you laughing... living... loving life- changed all that.
-( Aileen H.)


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Awww. well, that's good that

Awww. well, that's good that you came to that point. it is really good that you can be happy for her, well--being happy. I know that it is difficult seeing someone you care about so much being happy with someone other than you. Hmm. now i'm curious about this story.

If it's a sin to love you
Then in hell i'd rather be
Opposed to living a life with people
In heaven looking down on me

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thats completely awesome that

thats completely awesome that you now have that knowledge and understandment. Kudos!

"whatever happens here, at least I know I got it being me"

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Yay, you have achieved frupli

Yay, you have achieved frupliness. It means you are happy to see someone happy, in my opinion the best feeling.

Children of a future age reading this indignant page know that in a former time love sweet love was thought a crime

- William Blake