The Book of Nightmares: Chapter One (Volume 1)

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The first blood to be spilled in the dreams came from heaven
An Angel, born on wings of gold and silver
Heralded by the trumpets of saints and wreathed in aura’s of light
Who would have suspected him, the Angel
How was I to guess that beneath the holy veils
My first demon waited, coiled with fangs bared
The winged Serpent spoke to me
Its voice beautiful, coaxing, pure
And it drew me close, its siren song luring me to its arms
Immeasurable pain flooded my every nerve
But what plague, what curse had taken me in the arms of an Angel
Venom from the fangs it had drove into my neck
Poison from the talons that had been run through my chest
The Angel smiled and told me
And I, unaware of my own injuries or my attacker, obeyed
My blood spilled in ribbons of black and emerald
The Serpent whispered to me
And I, still in my deluded love, obeyed
My skin blackened, my body grew cold and my eyes grew distant
The Serpent commanded me
And I could do nothing but obey
He took me, turned me, caressed me
Ran delicate fingers down my back, held me, and warmed me
Our bodies became entangled, became vines wrapped about each other
Kisses brought more venom, more pain
Touches drew more blood, more life drained away
I was helpless, powerless to stop it
Nor would I dare too
Such desire, such lust
It became too much, and I was consumed in desire
Unknowing of my own impending death
I continued the sacrificial love, the beautiful love
The killing love
I betrayed all of myself, gave everything
And for my tributes, for all that I hade offered
The Serpent gave me nothing
Save for the scar of death, and I embraced it


In case anyone cares, or hasnt caught on.. i'm sorta gonna be
doing a series of poems that fit into The Book of Nightmares (V1)
hope you all enjoy it.. (even if it is a bit dark..)


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very gothik. its good and meaning full. for a bit i thaught u were talking bout the forbiden fruit in genasis of the bible... the serpant.

she holds the pen that spells the end