The Book of Nightmares: Chapter Two (Volume I)

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My second demon came in the form of the beast
A wolf
Strong, daring, and powerful
An animal seemingly born from the very wilds of creation
Primal natural beauty, yet devastatingly terrifying
The creatures fur was matted, blood-soaked, and shagged
Fresh blood dripped from its maw
Its silver eyes pierced like blades through me
Drawing not blood, but even more threatening a substance
My terror however was not enough for the canine Serpent
A man can reason his fear of beast
But a beast cannot reason its fear of its hunter
In hackles and growls the Serpent bred the wild into me
My form, my weak human form became shattered
Hands and feet blackened, shifted, and froze
My skin burned and melted leaving a new coat of fur
The stature of man was lost to me
And my muscles and bones bent and changed
Leaving me in the form of a stag
For a moment I felt alive
The coils of humanity had been lifted from me
And with it, its burdens
Free, finally freedom had come
I was wild, untamed, stark
And beautiful
I had found so much admiration for my new body
So much love, and so many feelings
All of which were foreign to a true beast
Feelings which creatures were born without
And for good reason
The animal that admires the beauty of his run
Will die without grace by those that would feed from its legs
The wolf, the Serpent crashed into me
In my own indulgence I had paid no heed to him
And now the beast, the terrible monster
Tore me limb from limb
Blood spilled from me
My legs gave way
And the wolf dragged me down
I never screamed, my body mute to human call
The serpent feed
And I slept in my own beautiful blood