The Book of Nightmares (Volume I)

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This quill I dip in blood
So that I may give to these pages
My crimson stain, and my tarnished soul
This bible I dedicate to "humanity" if such a word exists
For we have faded heaven, shattered faith
And buried God alongside passion
This scripture is from the bleeding heart
My empty pages scared by this ink, and these words
Echoing in the dark against mirrored lives
Words of shame, of fear, of lust
Of my rooted longings and desires
Given form in this bloody ink and fragment of my soul
This totem to my guilt, broken crutches
And like the angels I've shot from the sky, fallen grace
This book I forge from my crippled faith
Its pages craft from my burnt flesh
The cover from my broken bones
And the spine from my own dried and rotted chords
This book, this tome, these scriptures
I have written to save what little soul remains in this corpse
To give light to the darkness of true hearts
Hearts jaded and wreathed in lies and webs of sin
May my path unveil your own
And may whatever force drives this world save you
From the demons that I have given birth too
These are the Chronicles
Of one man
A mind
The serpents that inhabit the soul
And the thousand corpses buried in their wake
The Book of Nightmares, awaits


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That was very good. I enjoyed it, though it was rather twisted. Perhaps it was because of it rather in spite of it. Dark, vivid, intense. Also, good flow.


You can never beat time, but you can sure put up a hell of a fight.