the cure for my deppresion

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Hey everyone

So like.. Things have gotten alot better i guess. The band i mentioned
starting is actually coming together REALLY quickly.

We've already got two guitarist, a base player.. a base playing in training
lol, and we've got a saxophone which suprisingly sounds really good..

We've been looking everywhere for a drummer.. but to no avail *sigh*

So far we've only been hanging out after school and of course right now
*points to the waving people in the background*

We're working on just getting a sound together right now.. (aka we're
going through all our favorite bands and seeing what chords and rifts they
use, looking for patterns and whatnot) We've been listening alot to
My Chemical Romance, The Used, Cursive, and Jet.. so thats kinda where
we're hoping to fall..

This has been a really cool thing so far.. sure we've spent a good bit
of money getting instuments repaired and getting an amp or two.. but
really i'm finally feeling better and who knows.. maybe it was destined
to be and i was meant to start this band..

OK anyway.. we're gonna try and have a song done in a week or so.. if we
can figure out how to work we'll put it on there and
we'll give you guys the link and you can tell us how good or bad we are


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look at the guitar parts of s

look at the guitar parts of some of the metallica songs. they sound awsom and are suprsingly simple. pitty bout the drummer thing, id off but ime in the wrong country lol, wrong continent eaven lol.
papa roach and franz ferdinand are good for gguitar parts to, differnt styls granted but still good