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I was just watching late night tv on NBC. Ozzy was on. Ozzy reminded me of my mom's employee who was sort of my bestfriend. her name was Conny, she and her husband were big Ozzy fans. Before the big fall out she had invited me to go along w/ her family to the Ozfest thing. Personally I'm not a big rock fan but would have gone anyways.
So Conny would work at my mom's store on weekdays and I would be left there in charge as the cashier person. After a while I begun taking confidence in her I begun dropping hints as toward my bi-ness and it became painfully obvious that I liked girls. Since all of this happened around the time I really liked Dre, I would simply talk about Dre a lot. Eventually she asked me whether I liked girls. I sed yeah. She was cool with it.
She really was a lot of help back then. I was confused and knowing I could just talk to her about everything made a huge difference. It was weird, my mom could finally get me to go to work without any hassel.
For about a year everything was great. I had a crush on a girl that worked at the rock/punkish store. We got down as a mission to befriend this mysterious girl. Conny did most of the work. It was fun. We found out the girl's name and stuff but the fun died down when we found out Toni had a husband. I then got over the crush. But still I always looked foward to talking with Conny. She was fun. Although she was in her early 30s, I found her to be a lot more fun than my other friends.
Then my mom ran over a lady that had a store in that same area. It became unsafe for me to roam around. Forever then I was to never be alone. So that passed quickly.
I walked around dressed as a ninja, I called the police on bad costomers who pissed me off, I read the newspaper everyday and got an old lady who just really pissed me off fired. That was fun.
Okay so life went on as it often does. Conny was still my friend until ... i don't know what happened. I really can't remember. I think it was a fallout with work and stuff. I think it might have been that Conny thought my mom though Conny was stealing. And gosh... my mom does accuse people of steaing. she accused me off stealing far too many times. i never did tho, my dad gives me money. So as to that. Conny quit. My mom fired her. I walked out after Conny threatened me with telling my mom that i like girls.
Today my mom is having a hard time running that stupid store. I haven't heard anything about Conny. My aunt may know something of her but I'm too proud to ask about Conny.
All i know is that now i have a hard time trusting people. It's even hard to just acknowledge that Conny excisted.


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Don't give up!

Hiya. I'm really sorry to hear that you have lost such a great friend over what seems like a huge misunderstanding, for this reason I don't believe that you should give up on Conny just yet. I think you should talk to her - however hard this might seem - and explain that you two shouldn't fall out over something that was totally out of your control, because the fact that it was your mum's decision to sack Conny was nothing to do with you and was entirely up to your mum.

Conny must be really hurt at being fired for something she probably didn't do, so be sure to reassure her that your mum has even accused you of stealing.

I wish you luck in getting Conny back into your life and hope that you will regain the strong friedship you once shared.

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she sounds awesome

i think you need to go on another mission- find conny- who knows maybe you'll get lucky

good luck :)

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