The Grade

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My paper was due on the gay and lesbian couples in a postive light. Of course
the backlash from my last paper is still going strong. Writing a story in this
schools paper is a pain in the ass. Heading to another state with my band next
year is going to be odd. Since we are all of age we can go where we want
The plan was to wait till Leo comes back and then go on a trip to promote are
music it seems we might be staying in Tennessee. Something I am not sure I am
happy about. My sister is fine being a groupie but I am not sure that life on
the road is a way for her to grow up I know I wouldn't want anyone to take me traveling on the
road when I was younger then again my father was is the navy and was moved around
a lot this is traveling because I am in a band and I don't think it much matters
one way or another. Yet in my office at school I have left the phone off the
hook because I know when the school paper hits stands tomorrow the jump in
bad phone calls is going to raise again. People are o.k. with it so long as
we don't write about it in the news paper. My grade was a b thought and right know
I am happy with that. I don't much care what anyone else thinks about.