there are times...

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...and then there are the times
when you sit in bed
late at night
eleven, twelvish, maybe one a.m.
eating gruyere cheese
carving a curve in the smooth survace
of the dairy product
with a knife, cool in your hand, reminding you
of the many times it slid across your skin
controlled by you
giving you the satisfaction and relief thats garanteed
with the sight of your blood
and your heartbeat will quicken
then slow and let you have your
inner peace
...and then there are times
when you sit back in bed
late at night
you hum a tune as you talk to people
you wont ever meet
and you think about the water that tasted like winthrop
earlier at practice
and how you laughed at yourself
with your friends
when it drips down onto your shirt
your clumsiness
stupidness later, when you find yourself out of breath
on the track, standing alone
and your emotions are attacking you
horrified that
you've given up
...and then there are times
when you lie back in bed
late at night
eleven, twelvish, maybe one a.m.
when you think about your day
as an overwhelming calm
envelopes you and rocks you gently
like the falling and fading tide
feeling that its all okay
its all
and you close your eyes
imagine what wishes you wish
and envision that girl that you know
and fall slowly
into something


**or sleep- take your pick ;)


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And there are times when some

And there are times when something as simple as a poem can make you stop and think. This one did. Thank you.



"People who take you at face value will always be your true friends. Truth + laughter = good friendships."
--milly the fairy

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*Seconding Tarni*