Thou shalt have conflict on every page!

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But by god, that can be hard sometimes.

That line comes from a tutorial on conflict from Holly Lisle's Forward Motion. It's a writing site, she's a brilliant author, and I've used her articles and tutorials and everthing else many times over. Read the tutorial/article if you're a writer- it's extremely helpful.

However, that article, and another (Scene Creation), however ingenius they are, are also considerably difficult to follow through with all the time. I've posted a lot in the last few days about my writing, and I seem to be in a writing mode at the moment, and I've started to rewrite an old story that was disjointed and half-baked and all that kind of thing.

I wrote (and psoted on here) the first scene, which I love. It's a good scene, I think, and it has conflict, and.. just yeah, it's cool. However, I know my next point of conflict, but I can't jump straight there- I ned to show somewhat the setting and the supporting charries and micsellaneous details like that. The problem is, it's rambling, and the things I need to get in are taking longer than the conflict-filled times, and I'm worried it's going to end up being one huge ramble.

I worry too much.

I stress out over my stories. I guess I should just write, keep the articles in the back of head instead of right in the foreground, and get the story down 'on paper'. However, all I can do is my best, and see where that gets me. Back to the policy of NaNo, quantity over quality... but making sure that the quality doesn't lapse either.




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You could always write out th

You could always write out the conflicts all at once, then go back and fill in the rest. I like to write in the order than events occur, but I know sometimes you just have to skip over some things to get to the good parts, then flesh it out with setting and background stuff later.

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Nah, I tried that. That's the

Nah, I tried that. That's the main reason the original version of the story I'm re-writing got messed up, because when I'd done the interesting parts with conflict, I had no motivation to do the more mundane filling in bits.

I think I just write better if I write it in order, as everything happens, with details and such included.



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