time does heal all wonds

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today i got a job, it's not the job that i wanted the most but i still have two interviews tomorrow. hopefully i get what i want. if not, at least i'll get a paycheck. yea!! but last night...omg! i went to my friends house and just my luck my ex shows up after i've been there for about 20 minutes. it was awkard. at first she was hiding from me but after a while she sat next to me. it took some time but we shared words. hardly any but words were there. then today she sent me an email talkin about she still loves me and that once she gets things together in her life she would like to see were we go. i still love her and the future is what i'm waiting for to see if she's still there for me. but after all the pain she put me thru the last few weeks, i feel as if i have become a stronger person. i truely due believe in "what does not kill you makes you stronger." AND "what goes around comes around" these last two months i think i have grown as a person a lot. on how to handle relationships, EVERYTHING in general.

i feel so good right now, and also, now it takes a lot to knock me down. this may sound korny but i think i matured hugely these last two months. love works in mysterious ways.

oh yea, hopefully i'll be taking my test to get my permit. FINALLY!! i'm one more step closer to not having my parents drive me everywhere. :D


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Yay! I can't wait to learn to drive....

Good luck with dealing with your ex.