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I don't really know what I am doing here lately
I am just bouncing around the paper came out yesterday
afternoon and I am on campus The phone can't ring
cause I have left it off the hook. The girl who usually
shares an office with me is trying to put it back on
the hook and I finally snapped at her and told her
to leave it off the hook. Everytime she puts it on
there it rings. She is going to Campus Room's to get
another office. I am working on speadsheets for spending
for certain clubs here on campus and at 11:00 I have a meeting
at the high school for their GSA meeting. I will
taking are paper so they can see what is going on
since mostly we write about what is going on in the
world and try to bring it closer to the campus
the number one rule in journalism bring it closer
to home but I wish the phone wasn't in my office or
anyone elses for that matter