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Watching the full moon through the branches of the birch tree
As I have watched so many full moons through so many birch trees
through so many years

But never before this one, and never again

Loose bark rattles in the breeze
like a baseball card in a bicycle spoke

And for a moment, it's Cannabis Hill
Pine Hall
Albion Center
War Beach

For a moment I see twenty, and behind it seventeen
Getting smaller in the rear view mirror

When the way comes to an end, then change. Having changed, you pass through. I Ching, Hexagram 41
Note: first draft, critique and comments greatly appreciated


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Good poem

I especially like the last two lines. They are the strongest, and the two that the masses can relate to. I would suggest leaving them exactly as they are in this draft.

Aging is sad business when you think too much about it.
Thanks for posting this.