What do you do ...

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when life no longer seems important? When getting hit by a bus seems preferable to living another day. I'm not entertaining thoughts of suicide, but right now life doesn't have a purpose for me. I'm sittin here at college wonderin why I ever came here. I don't know what I want to do with my life. I didn't really know before now either. I just thought that I'd be able to spend time with the people I thought were my friends. So much for that. The lil snitch even told me not to talk to her, like I'd want to. Oh, please. I guess, she doesn't understand that she's not worth my time anymore. It's this situation that makes me wish I didn't care about her still. She hurts me over and over, and I can't hate her. Why do I feel like this when it's obvious that she doesn't care about me? I hate that I can't hate her. Guess I ain't indifferent bout everything that's been going on.


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This is what you do:

If you don't feel like your life has purpose, then give it purpose. Get a job (if you don't have one); volunteer somewhere; work with kids and/or the elderly; join a social group; learn a foreign language...

The point is to stay busy. No, this isn't about trying to bury your feelings and such. As I've pontificated on again and again before, busy people are happier people. Studies have proven it. So get busy.

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Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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that advice was right. stay busy. i don't mean run yourself into the ground or bury your feelings because that doesn't help anything. do the things you enjoy, talk to people who have proven they won't hurt you. play video games!!! ^^ but seriously. you can always talk to me boo. i hope you know that i mos def will not betray you. i'm sorry everything turned to shit. i don't understand why some people do things like this but just please don't beat yourself up about the hurtful actions of others. there are people around you who like you just the way you are boo.