Whispers in my Sleep

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I have these scars from where I’ve closed my eyes
Wounds from where I’ve dared to dream
Cuts and bruises that only I can see
Which bleed when you become too close to me
The collisions of worlds are my haunting
When the sun bleeds black in the sky
And I’m allowed to rest
Dreams have become my element
A stain that never washes off
Stalking me, waiting for me, invading me
A specter traversing my separate planes
Mere lucid images when I’m awake
But a powerful object when I sleep
The ghosts once chained to dreams have broken free
And they whisper to me
Have I lost my mind
Am I dreaming now
Or is this real
The lines of reality seem to be crossing
And now I’ve lost myself somewhere in the link
Perception fades
Daylight and night surrender together
While these phantoms whisper to me from my sleep
Am I dreaming while I’m awake
Could I be real when I dream
Do the spirits of my dreams see me as a ghost
An apparition from their sleep
Could they be real, and I’m their dream
I’m loosing touch with the world
Becoming lost in the transitions between being awake
And hardly alive
These wounds refuse to heal
Just as the watchers can never forgive me when I tell them their not real
Daylight specters tell me they cannot see those of night
And those of night tell me I should leave
I don’t exist
Am I still dreaming
Is any of this real
Perhaps I’ve found a break
A tear in the anatomy of dreamscape
One that I’ve fallen through
And now I’m lost halfway, caught halfway in two beautiful worlds