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everything needs to slow down. My emotions have been to so many extremes that you'd think i was pregnant or something. Not a chance of that though. In less than a week it's like my world has been turned upside down. Outed by a friend, who apparently just realized that she despises me for being gay and doesn't want to talk to me anymore. Told to end all contact with my girlfriend, who is bi. Struggled to hide the fact that we haven't ended all contact. Apparently, my bad influence rubbed off on her and this is all a phase. If they only knew that this whole separation wasn't working. In fact, she's only become stronger from all of this. Yea, we both have some hard times, but we hold each other up. It's also good to know who my real friends are. Thanx for always being there.


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Did u kno...

that u are stronger than you think! I kno!
*This is ALL Me*

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I'm on you guys' side...

What the hell?! Talked to Keshia, came - this - close to cursing her out, came that close to also calling Zena and cursing her out, not too mention told Keshia that if anyone tried this shit with me they wouldn't just be dealing with emotional pain they'd see the back of my hand as well. Seriously ya'll have my back. I may not have been happy but even I would not have stooped that low. If ever you need me, call me.