Why Can't People Just Say What They Are Feeling?

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How come people can't stop lying to me about what they are feeling? Why is it they say they are fine with who "I am' but really they aren't? Why don't they just tell me straight up how they are feeling? Like I understand my parents and family will not be exstaic about me bing bi. Hell they'll have a god damn fit. They are really religious. But I know this and I am prepared for that reaction, whenever they do find out or I tell them. But what I wasn't prepared for is my friend lying to me about how she is fine with me when in reality she is not. Jus fuckin tell me. I will get over it faster if you jus tell me that, than lying to me. I now understand what you mean kris by sayin all that you have to me about all this. I really do and now I finally understand by what you meant by everything you said. I guess I had to experience it for myself to finally understand what you meant by everything. And I am so totally okay with your feelings toward me right now. Hell I would have the same feelings toward me, if I wasn't me. And I'm sorry!


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im sorry

i'm sorry to hear that. my mom was kind of the same way, she said she was ok with it then ever since i told her two years ago when i was in 9th grade, but whenever im with a girl she gets really weird and tells me she hates her and i cant see her anymore.

"One day you will come up to me and ask me which is more important, you or my life, i will say my life, and you will walk away never knowing that you are my life."