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Well, I love self-advertising. I think it's part of most writers, they love people to read their stories and enojy them, get something out of them. We write for ourselves, and I think that's a mostly universal truth, but for me,at least, I get warm fuzzies inside when I can give people a story they like.
Part of one of the best things in writing is getting the inspirations. Actually, after writing 'The End', it's probably the best thing for me. And even those two are difficult to decide between sometimes. But often, inspiration doesn't come, so we go after it with a crowbar, shotgun, blackmail and anything else we can muster. Finishing a piece drawn not from beautiful sweet inspiration, but from teasing the story out from the muck it hides beneath, well, that's probably the greatest feeling. Especially (of course!) when you really really like that piece now. Creating a work of art where there was nothing before, it's amazing. Artists and sculpters and actors, I think they all understand that as well. Something arises where before there wasn't anything. It's a feeling of new life, which makes perfect sense, if you stop to think about it.

However, that wasn't really why I started writing this entry. I got carried away trying to put into words what it is that lures writers and snatches them and doesn't let them go.. it's the words, the way single letters, arranged into words, arranged into sentences, arranged into paragraphs and scenes and novels, can inspire and enthuse and bewilder those who read them... It's the mind of the writer translated onto the page(or, onto the computer screen), and the mind of a writer can hide some beautiful gems.
Not that I think I have many gems. There's a little worry hidden deep at the back of my mind, that one day I'll have no ideas, no inspirations, and even chasing after a muse won't give me any. That I wouldn't be able to write anymore.
But, I can hope that I have little sprinkles of gold dust, and fairy sparkles, and scattered occassionally among the floating shinies are a couple glittering gems that grab the eye when the light strikes them.

Anyway. Mmm.. pretty words. I love words, if you couldn't tell. My point, however, was to offer some more writing, my other stories, to the people who enjoyed the couple I posted. Now, being the slightly paranoid girlie that I am, but also simply being aware of internet copyrights, I am not posting more snippets. These entires are public property, in a place where anyone can access. There's no password protection, and that's bad news for a writer. We have to guard our treasures from the greedy people who'd steal them from us, guard them with everything we have. Which, in practical terms, means keeping most of our pieces under lock and key, or passwrod protection, in internet speak.
Which brings me to my actual reason, that of linking to my stories. This has been a rambling enty, hasn't it? I enojoyed writing it though. But, for those of you who want to read more about Devi, and Meira, and their rather odd antics.. well, you can wander over this way. (You'll need a LiveJournal account.)

My Writings

Now, only three posts will show up when you go there. Either comment here stating your LJ name, and friend that account, or comment on one of the posts saying you're from Oasis. Once you've done that, I'll get around to friending people, probably within 24 hours, and then all the other posts will show up. Heed the warnings I've put up on some of the pieces, if you're fussy or anything. Violence and the like abound.
But now it is time for me to wander. I must see if I have any pressing homework, and if I don't, I'll run to my be opening up Devi and Meira's WIP file, and get writing, because it calls. It seriously calls, dammit.