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We had about 40 people do the Day of Silence. It was awesome. Some kids parents told him to get a bunch of people to protest against us, so he rounded up like 50 people and they were all going to wear shirts that said It's Great To Be Straight but only a couple of people wore them. They were also going to harass us until we talked, which they also didn't do and would've been a huge waste of their time anyways. The worst that I had said to my face was "It's great to be straight." so I gave the girl a thumbs up and a sarcastic smile. She said to my friend - "I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being gay, it's just not normal." And someone smeared a bunch of food on one of our posters in front of someone else. But next year we're going to use It's Great To Be Straight against those people...all the straight people participating are going to have that, and something saying it's great to have gay friends too. We only did this with a couple of our posters, but we're going to do it with all of them next year: we put a poster up that said "Tearing down that poster was an act of hate," and then put the GSA poster over it so that whoever tore down the poster would get a message saying it's wrong. And even though they'd tear that one down, too, at least they'd be getting the message and if it got to people enough maybe they'd eventually give up.
It really hurts to be in love with someone you can't have. :(


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damn rite it hurts!! hurts so

damn rite it hurts!! hurts so bad! i hate it, and the day of silence thing u did sounds amazing! apart frm the whole "its gr8 to be str8" tee shirts wat a waste of tee shirt material! its gd to hear tht ppl r trying to get the point across and stik up for this..well..community i gess..anywayz..peace out xx

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It's too bad that those other

It's too bad that those other students are so juvenile and disrespectful. You guys did a really good thing by not letting them get in your way.

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of course it hurts not to have the person we love, and i can tell you're right from experience.

A person i really really loved didn't return my feelings, played me, humilated me, destroyed me to the eyes of everybody else, when he knew i loved him. I had to go through hell. I thought i had to die over that. just like you, with tears and screams

But i was wrong. I didn't realise but, after, something way better arrived in my life. Someone i can't live without.

Like me, someone or something good will happen to dry your tears up. To heal your wounded heart. Just be open and don't wait. It'll come to you. You deserve great providence, it'll happen for you.

Be open to hope. To new beginnings.

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