Accepted, at last

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It turns out being I did blow my last post out of proportion. Why?

"Congratulations! It is with great pleasure that I inform you of your admission to Dartmouth College as a member of the Class of 2009."

Because I GOT ACCEPTED INTO DARTMOUTH! Yes, saying that deserves the capital letters.

Now they've accepted me, I would really like to go to Dartmouth. I'm really happy they've accepted me there, and I would like to go there more than any of the other places I got waitlisted at. I got waitlisted at Williams, Amherst, Middlebury, Swarthmore and Washington University (in St. Louis). Washington Uni has this strange notion of waitlisted candidates not deserving financial aid, so I won't be joining their waiting list. Harvard rejected me (no surprise there).

Dartmouth has nine queer organisations on campus (but only two would be for me: the Dartmouth GSA and Dartmouth Rainbow Alliance). The administration even has "GLBT Programming" at Dartmouth, which I understand is run by an open bisexual. It sounds like quite a change from what I read were the kind of things that happened to gay people at Dartmouth 20 years ago. Some of the things the alumni talked about in The Dartmouth brought tears to my eyes.

But I think that things have changed enough, and Dartmouth is little better or worse than any other college in its league. Now the only thing I need to do is convince my parents to pay more. The college has asked for considerably more money than my parents originally offered to pay. Normally I would say that my parents are being unreasonable, but I agree with them on this. They want to retire in a few years and they have the right to be able to have a bit of money to spend on themselves. The college didn't include a loan in the aid package, so maybe they could give me a loan. My parents said to remain on all the waiting lists (but Washington Uni), in case I get more financial aid from the others. I will, but I want to go to Dartmouth.

So it seems there is a good chance I will end up going to the US after all.

I have a question to any of you in an American uni/college at the moment. How prevalent is underage drinking? I would rather that I go to a college where drinking is at a minimum, but I guess I can't have everything my way.


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Underage drinking is very prevalent in American colleges and universities. It's an unavoidable fact. I know there are some websites that rate schools as being "party schools" or not, but I'm not aware of the address. I'm sure there are several.

Word to the wise: if you want to get studying done, DO NOT join a fraternity, and if at all possible, try and get off-campus housing. Dorms can get to be pretty crazy places, and frats are all about drinking.

Good luck, and congrats!


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princeton review

Yeah, the princeton review website is good for rating schools on that sort of thing. I think that website gives you a pretty good idea of what the social life is like.

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First of all, congratulations! Dartmouth is a very elite school. Good luck to you.

Secondly, underage drinking is pretty common at American colleges and universities, but how prevalent it is depends on the school. At my school, it's very prevalent (Ball State has a reputation for being something of a party school), but it might be less prevalent at other schools. At a school like Dartmouth, where students are paying through the nose to go there, it probably won't be as bad as some other schools.

A lot of students who are underage carry fake IDs, but these are easily recognized by restaurant and bar workers. Basically, if you don't plan to do any drinking, that's a good thing. Also, if you go to a party, never get into a car with somebody who is drunk.

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Congrats! Wow Dartmouth. *turns green with envy*

Good luck with all the financial aid stuff. I hope you end up going to Dartmouth.

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Thanks guys

I just got my parcel from Dartmouth today (I found out the decision online). The stuff in it has been quite reassuring about the money problem.

Jazzer and suffragettecity, I don't think I'll be joining a fraternity. In fact that's one of the things I'm a little worried about at Dartmouth. However, everyone I've talked to says that the fraternities don't present much of a problem at Dartmouth. I'm a little sceptical of that, but a few years ago a poll on the Dartmouth Review 83% of the student body was against banning single-sex fraternities (I think only half of all students are in fraternities), so there is clearly a lot of support for them.

Having already done a bit of underage drinking here (and now I'm legal at 18), it's lost all its appeal. I'll probably try and get a place in the German language house because I was thinking of minoring in German. If not, I'll try and get off-campus housing, and then a single room in a dorm - I would like to be able to bring in another guy without waking up a roomie ;)


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I'm sure this will lead you to all sorts of possibilites, both academic and social.

Good luck, and have fun!