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This may be a dumb question but is there any law for ages of same sex couples, like with straight its is illegal to be 18 and the other one younger, so just wondering if theres anything like that with same sex couples.

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There are different laws depending on the state. Also, 18 for straight couples is not the law everywhere, either.

Age of Consent Chart

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wisconsin do you know?

wisconsin do you know?

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I know...

if you click the link I posted it will be there.

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I think your talking about st

I think your talking about statutory rape laws, and those are federal laws (I think) their is also an "age of consent" that differs from state to state. The Statutory Rape laws apply to all couples, young, old, gay and striaght.
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alright thanks for your help

alright thanks for your help what do you all think about a 14 and 17 year old? good? bad? thoughts?

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I know that in South Carolina

I know that in South Carolina, the age is 17, I'm pretty sure....

So a 17 and a 14 year old would be in violation in SC. Not sure about anywhere else tho.

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age of consent

As far as I know, it's 16 in Indiana. You might check I don't know how up-to-date their information is, but it might help.

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Re: Age

USA Colorado Rev 04/2002 15/17 (straight) (gay m2m)17 (lebian f2f)17
I just learned that in my state you can be 15 and have sex with the opposite sex but you have to be 17 to the same what the hell Thats just stupid in my opinion

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