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i was just wondering what good fiction books has anyone read about homosexual realasanships?

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lots of them

geography club and rainbow high and rainbow boys i love to read them


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ive read all nancy garden boo

ive read all nancy garden books and a paula boocke book. its hard to find really good ones.

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I agree, it's hard to find a

I agree, it's hard to find a good credible homosexual relationship stories but once in a blue moon, you find one. I know a few lesbian ones but i haven't started on gay romance yet although i think there might be more gay romance out there than lesbian romance. I left a list on the other forum topic so check that one out.

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Rainbow Boys and Rainbow High

Rainbow Boys and Rainbow High - Alex Sanchez
Annie on My Mind - Nancy Garden
Tipping the Velvet, Affinity, Fingersmith - Sarah Waters
Rubyfruit Jungle, Venus Envy - Rita Mae Brown (my personal favorite)
Party Monsters - James St. James (not healthy relationships but good if you like drag)

I swear I've read more but there names escape me (as always). Peace.

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Actually, "The Color Purple"

Actually, "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker deals almost as much with lesbianism as it does with racism and poverty. It was also made into a famous movie with Whoopi Goldberg (who was, frankly, brilliant in it). It's a pretty easy read, too.

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Well, of course's there's alw

Well, of course's there's always Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown... Empress of the World by Sara Ryan and Please Don't Kill the Freshman by Zoe Trope are a few of my favorites.

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Kind of relevant

Did anyone know that Ursula LeGuin is a lesbian? I've been a fan of her books for a while, but I didn't know this about her until just yesterday. Kind of makes me happy. I don't think she's actually written about homosexual relationships though... sorry.

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Where did you hear this about

Where did you hear this about her? I've only read about her husband and children in the past.

She has featured homosexuals and bisexuals as minor characters in many of her works, and Sutty, the main character in The Telling, is a lesbian. The androgyny in The Left Hand of Darkness might also be appropriate for anyone wanting to read about homosexual relationships.

Speaking of gay science fiction writers, I've just finished Samuel Delany's Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand. I think it's the most well written and genuinely exciting book about a gay male relationship I've read.

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keeping you a secret

keeping you a secret by julie anne peters is a good book, even though its a low reading level it makes up for it in content, well i think so. its about a girl who thought she was straight but falls for a younger out and proud lesbian.

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i love that one!

keeping you a secret was the book that was really important in me coming out. it was the first lesbian book i decided to get and its one of my favorite books of all time. it is kinda low reading level, but the stroy is great. omg, i have read prolly like 3 times...i no thats kinda sad.
the burmedez triangle by maureen johnson is like the traveling pants series, but two of the girls fall in love. dare, truth or promise by paula boock(?) is about these two girls in new zealand i think. it was pretty good. nancy garden has a couple, like good moon rising and something with annie in the title. sorry im not good at remembering these things.

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oh really good one is...

one of my favorites is called the realm of possibility by david levithan. it was awesome i loved it so much that i took off the hardback cover and drew stuff all over it. i put words and quotes that are inspirational, and whenever i get down i read it and it makes me feel better. yeah tis cool tis.
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Ooo you quote Blake too! Sor

Ooo you quote Blake too! Sorry, a bit off-topic, I just noticed.

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Check out I consider this author to be under rated (or maybe her work is just under-exposed). I've read her books "Second Chance", "The Inheritance" and "The Promise of Time", all several times. If you like lesbian vampire romance, or just romance, check out her books.

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geography was a good one that

geography was a good one that i just read.

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'A Matter of Oaths' was a goo

'A Matter of Oaths' was a good one, though I'm afraid I don't know who it's by. I guess I liked it because it was a sci-fi and portrayed a vision of the future where nobody blinked at anybody elses sexuality, maybe just smiled slyly.

Children of a future age reading this indignant page know that in a former time love sweet love was thought a crime

- William Blake

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I read Geography Club, actual

I read Geography Club, actually my mom read it and gave it to me to read, and it was amazing. I recommend it: The author is Brent Hartinger?

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Mark Merlis

I'm a fan of Mark Merlis' books. They tend to have a certain bit of humor and wisdom wrapped up around one gay man or another looking for a love, whatever that might mean.


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so old, yet so surprised.

why has nobody mentioned giovanni's room by james baldwin..... a classic.


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some lesbian books are: annie on my mind, keeping you a secret, good moon rising.

people say love is blind, then isnt it blind for gender as well?

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Kissing Kate was a good one,

Kissing Kate was a good one, and Bermuduz Triangle, was a good one. No its not about a menage trois


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Nick Alexander

I just gladly bought and read Sottopassagio by Nick Alexander and I would recommend it as a great read. It can either be read as a sequel to 50 Reasons to Say Goodbye(also a great read) or as a stand-alone novel. Downside was that I had to order it directly from the publisher, Lulu, because it won't be for sale from stores until around October

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A book book that I have read

I know it can be annoying to find good books with homosexual coupling but a good one is Annie on my Mind. I would recomend it greatly

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Try some of Tanya Huff's nove

Try some of Tanya Huff's novels. As a lesbian writer she often includes homosexual relationships in her books.

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I think the current queen of

I think the current queen of lesbian literature is sarah waters
Fingersmith, my favorite of her works combines lesbian life in the victorian era with a plot of intrigue and deception. The miniseries was as good as the book

Tipping the velvet was a bit of a comedy that was very skillfully brought to the siver screen as well

I understand the novel 'affinity' is about to be released as a miniseries on ITV

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