Chemically Romantic

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Yeah hey everyone, havnt had a journal entry in a while so i figured i'd
give and update on whats going on around here :)

I'd say things are picking up for me. I'm no longer deppressed, i stopped
having relations with razorblades and knives completely, i stopped getting
into fights, and while i've had to drop and make some new friends i'm kinda
happy with them all ^_^

I'd say that even if things are going well i've still got alot of scars
showing.. i'm a bit darker than i was a few months ago.. my perception of
God and life in general has taken.. and interesting turn.. i'm probably
a little less likely to trust anyone, and i'm sorta reclusive.. but i'm
working on that and hopefully i'll get better.

I've been having a hard time fitting in lately.. been questioning my
"attractions" to both men and women and i've come to the conclusion that
its a waste of time trying to fit into a sexuality.. so i've just given up
and decided that it doesnt matter enough anymore to waste away thinking
about it.. so there i'm done.. i'm not gay/straight/bi i'm just Me and
i'll do whatever i want with whomever i want with no regard to anyone
elses opinion save for God or the Devil themselves.. lol

In other knews.. I am in LOVE with My Chemical Romance!!!!! They're the
greatest band ever i swear to god.. I've been listening to them absolutely
nonstop for about two months now.. It's almost sickening.. And like i have
like "groupy" crushes on all the members of the band.. (Gerard Way is
so very hot..)

And other news would be.. I got hit on by a 67 year old german named Kevin
and that was pretty damn scary lol. I'm still the only boy who likes boys
in my school.. and in my county.. *sigh*

My band is sorta coming together.. we've only got a bassist and me for
vocals right now cause our guitarist got in an accident and broke his arm
(and his guitar!!!) so me and Sarah are rocking out to lame ass bass beats.
We're saving up for some better amps and mic's and a couple distortion
pedals.. but before we can do any of that we have to get a sound system
so that we can save everything on the computer and whatnot and play
around with it.. *sigh* And we're still in dire need of a drummer
but while everyone is pretty fluient in guitar rifts, no one can give a
few snare taps on a freaking drum!!!! So thats driving us crazy..

So anyway.. yeah theres the buzz going on down here, ttyl oasis!


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i am obsessed with "Helena" l

i am obsessed with "Helena" lol. i don't know why--but ive been listening to that like a madman:P that's great that your no longer depressed--it's the best feeling in the world when u've gone from being depressed to normal. (Y)
hope it only gets better

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I just now saw the video for Helena and I have to say that I am now in love. I'm going out to buy the music. Glad things are picking up for you.

~a fallen angel~

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You should try and learn drum

You should try and learn drums and then you could be a drummer/vocalist like Phil Collins! Or you could just post a drummer-needed kind of ad all over school. And actually, plenty of bands have been successful without drummers. Damien Rice for instance. But then again, if you wanna play MCR, you have to have someone who can pound a snare and kickdrum. And that sucks about your guitarist. I hope he gets better so you guys can play more.

Keep rocking (or whatever it is that you're doing)!

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I think it's awesome that you

I think it's awesome that you're able to just toss labels away like that... I wish I could do that, too. :)

I HIGHLY doubt you're the only boy who likes boys in your whole county, hee hee. I hope you find somebody (who's not 67) in the near future.

"When that sonuvabitch puts his hands on her, you should tell yourself he's putting his hands all over you"