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I have to admit, I do like Bush. I definitely don't agree with him on everything though.
ahrounoftheearth -- I'm not mad at him because he named the beetle after bush. It's because of the past mostly.
suffragettecity -- If I ever had the chance to talk to bush, that would be the first thing I told him. :)

I feel like I'm exposing my dad or something. Because people have read my journal entries about him. I guess I feel like somehow he'll find out that I've written about him here, and people that I don't really know know who he is now. This is a really odd feeling. Is there any way to edit comments that you've left? I replied to a comment someone left on my post and said my dad's last name. So that people would know which person from the article was my dad. Did the article say that both men named the beetle or just my dad? I just skimmed it, I was angry with him that day and it felt like he was trying to show off to my sisters and I. I need to just relax and not worry about this so much. Deep breaths. :P Does deep breathing help you? I'm not sure it really does anything for me. Hmm...

Does anyone else *love* going for walks really late at night? That's my new favorite thing. I love going for walks around 11:30 or midnight. It's so nice because it's cooler out (when the day has been hot) and it's all deserted. I live across the street from the schools so we (my sisters, my mom and I) walk to the library and then cross the street, walk down a street of houses and then walk past more houses on the street that the school is on. I love it because all the houses are dark. It's like we have the neighborhood all to ourselves. There are street lamps on, but that only helps add to the feeling. It's hard to explain, but I find it really calming.


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I love going for walks, espec

I love going for walks, especialy when its deserted out.

Hmm, as for the editing comments part, I'm not sure how, or if you can. But if you really want to get rid of it, you can always just delete the entry.

"What they don't know can't hurt them

but it sure as hell can hurt me"

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Under the comments/posts you make there should be something that says 'edit this comment' or 'edit your comment' or something. If you click on that, you can change what you have written, at least that's how it is for me...