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hey everyone! how's it going? i'm going to start my own little thing. everyday, i'm going to post a random fact/note about how being gay is a good thing. i'll start right now.
1) you usually don't have to worry about getting pregnant/having your gfriend get pregnant until you
want too.



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Haha, sometimes I actually catch my self thinking a long the lines of "shit what if I'm pregnant" and "I have to buy some condoms". I guess I'm not used to being gay.

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oh no you didn't

I'll sya this you are creative wow. I like your personality
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Haha. My mother said much th

Haha. My mother said much the same thing when I told her that I am bi, but am off guys for the moment. (weird, I know, I guess I am a temporary lesbian or something, whatever. I like guys, but have decided to stop dating them for the time being.) She said: "Well, I must admit it is a little weird to think of you with a girl, but now I do not have to worry about your virginity"

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my mother said

my mother is bi, so when i told her i was a lesbian the first things that came out of her mouth was "at least now you can't get pregant" and "how good does your girlfriend look?".