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well folks, here i am again. i just spent a lot of time online...oh wait, i'm still online....
well, anyway, i was doing some research online for a fact to post. goddess, the gay world is depressing.
i mean, how many other minorities (don't you hate that word? i do.) have as high a death rate as we do? wow... so anyway, all i could find was depressing stuff about stonewall, and death rates (i wasn't
looking all that hard). so, what do i come up with? well, this.

Random Fact # 3) What other culture these days has the opportunity to watch, and participate in, the fight for our rights? we have so much to live for: for the future. i have a labrys which i wear around my neck. on the back it has an ingraving which says, "Remember the future". when my aunt (who's bi) first gave it to me, i had not clue what it meant. but now i understand. we have to fight for the next generation of gays and lesbians and bi people. let's put our names in the history books, folks. we can do it.

"I don't have faith in a god. I have faith in people."