For anyone that like Shine Empty Soul... (that short story i posted)

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Ok I dont know exactly how many people read it, but if you did then
I'd like your advise ^_^

I figured that I'd like to write a bit more in that area seeing as how
that was both the first time i've tried writing a short story and the
first i've really ever written about gay characters. I liked how it came
together, i liked the theme, i liked being able to write about that
subject for the first time, and aside from some REALLY aweful typos i
think it was a pretty decent story.


I really wanted to write another short story but i cant decide whether
I want to continue Jack and Danny's story or move to some new characters.
Now i've got a few ideas for either option.

Basically i was just wondering if anyone who read the story would rather
see Jack and Danny again, or would rather see some new blood..

On a side note, my band is going to be playing our first show!!!!!!!
Its gonna freaking rock! \o/ o(*_*)o \o/


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Hey :) Congratulations on your band's first show *cheers*

I loved your story about Jack and Danny. Being a lesbian, I love to read stories about girls lol. Your story would have been perfect if it was Jackie and Danni, lol I'm totally joking :D

But yeah, I have no advice...I'm not a writer. Anything that you write would be greatly appreciated, whether you continue on with Jack and Danny, or start a new story.


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Write the story that calls to

Write the story that calls to you the most. The one that keeps you awake at night thinking about it. The one whose characters whisper in your ear that their story needs to be told. Now.

That one. Write that one.

Tarni, a fellow writer.


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