Gayest thing you've ever done!

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I dont mean to be really stereotypical, but whats the gayest thing you've ever done??

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pull a guy

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Gayest thing I've ever done probaly happened today. I was in my school's science lab and there was this boy behind me and he grabbed my butt (I'm a guy by the way) and I lost it by saying "Did someone just grab my butt. Someone just grabbed my butt!" I should of just stopped there but I had to say, "Whoever it was I'll see you after school." I about killed myself.

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i made out in my best friend

i made out in my best friend in 5th grade.. in the middle of class told him i loved him.. we dated 4 years until he passed away

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Re: Gayest thing ever

Hrrmm.. well i did dress in drag once.. but that was intentional (for laughs!) but the gayest thing i ever did was see something at hot topic and practiclly screamed (it was a mall so it was really embarassing) "OMG this is the cutest thing ever!" and since then i cant say the word cute.. <.<

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Who HASN'T dressed in drag? I defy one person to deny dressing in drag for fun. Or $20. Or a bag of Doritos.

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I don't think I have ever dressed in drag!!!!

The closest: In Grade 11, in my school's production of Hair, the makup person was a bit too zealous and put on too much makeup. Apparently, I looked a bit girlie. Luckilly, it was just the dress rehearsal, and the Assistant Director had a word with the makeup crew. Heh.

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I Haven't

I have never ever ever ever ever ever ever for never ever worn drag but like yeah it would be cool but I can't waaaaaH!!!!!! STUPID FAMILY!

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i know straight guys that

i know straight guys that have dressed in drag just for fun...

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let see ill walk down the street and we can play a game of guess my gender..? you get it wrong you owe me $20 deal?

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i haven't dressed in drag!

i haven't dressed in drag! i'm scared i'll be pathetic at it and look stupid, which is stupid. it'll probably happen eventually. right now though i just have this persona as being the only one of my friends with a straight forward gender identity and...

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Besides the having sex with men part, being in a gay men's chorus, having a rainbow sticker on my car, and looking up gay porn from time to time, the gayest thing I've probably ever done was dress in drag. For a cabaret show, I dressed up as Condi Rice. I had a nice Republican skirt suit and some killer heels! :-D


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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That had to be some scary drag, man lol *shivers*

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Scary drag

It was, and I have pictures. ;)


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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Conservative and Evangelical Drag

I just went to my GLBT group's drag show last night. It fucking rocked, and I'm now inspired to do it next year. I'm going to dress up as Tammy Faye and do Anita Bryant covers.

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I once cut my hair quite short, looked really bad so now I keep it long. I think skating is a gay thing to do though. And I had a real fight once, over a girl. That's totally gay

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i havent intentionally done t

i havent intentionally done too many gay things, openly that is, but i did make a pretty obvious lesbian comment. we were talking about venus and serena williams and one of my guys friends said one of them was fine, i snapped back "they are both fine!" cuz thats what i thought. and immediately a bunch of my girl friends looked at me with those stares of "do you know what you just said?" and one of them just plainly said not to do that ever again. so, that was a pretty lesbian comment which i practially shouted among my friends...

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My first kiss...

Q:whats the gayest thing you've ever done??

A: Doubtlessly when I was a kid (8 ´ó 9 years of age) and kisses to my
better friend on the lips.... Never forget its face of surprise,
its open eyes and what we took in undressing to us and followin the
But this is another long and boring history for this Site :)

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I went to the movies with a bunch of my friendz that didn't know i was bi and there was like 15 people with me and this really hot goth girl walked by and in a pretty loud voice i said daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! They all just gave me a really weied look then started laughing apparently they were fine with it.

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...Oh lord, i've been known to be rather---erm---feminine from time to time, not on pruprose or anything, and i don't lisp or redecorate heh, but one time i really gayed out lol I was in History class and I caught my finger nail on my binder and ripped off the whole top of my nail. It really hurt lol And I yelled "Ahhh I broke a nail!" while i flung my wrist in pain lol It

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ooh man, this is good! Bul

ooh man, this is good!

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I showed up to the disco danc

I showed up to the disco dance in really tight rave-type pants, and a small, button-down dress shirt (the kind that aren't meant to be tucked in), and not only did I dance the entire freaking time (to music I hate, might I add), but I also stared at the guy who came to the dance wearing leather pants (which technically is a much gayer thing than anything I did).

Other than that, I haven't really done anything flamboyant.

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This wasn't intentional of co

This wasn't intentional of course, but once a few weeks ago I was thinking about how my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend is really pretty, and how I want to make out with him because then I'd making out with her vicariously... I thought that was pretty gay...

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that is pretty funny

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The hair thing....

I keep threatening to cut my hair short and dye it rainbow...
though it would be shite as its really curly and all, so I don't have the courage. But if I did, t'would be pretty gay, I think.
And there was the making out with a girl thing, that was kinda lesbian...

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I just dyed my hair bright red. =)

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The gayest thing I've ever do

The gayest thing I've ever done was cut my hair real short and spiked and wore a rainbow necklace and belt. Nothing extreme but thats ok.

People today are so narrow minded. What ever happened to the typical stereotype?

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go to one of those gay dating service sites and lied about my age because i was so desperate to meet someone. maybe that was more desperate than

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hmmm not very geeeeaaaaay

cut my hair short
and posted here.

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Fembots annon

I went to a friends' "Austin Powers" bday as a fembot...

With condom-rice boobs...

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Yeah. that was hilarious.

I think I still have the picture somewhere. mwahaha =)

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Crossing over

Tying my boobs down and putting on my favorite outfit of jeans and a tshirt just to flirt with some chicks at the mall.

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I would have to say yelling l

I would have to say yelling like a queen whenever I see someone who I haven't seen in a while. It gets weird looks every time.

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I'd say my uber-exagerated hand motions I use when I talk. I usually blame it on my Italian-ness, but I think it's more from my queen-ness...

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Yeah Baby!

I acually "lip-sing" to britanny spears, not always, i just sort of lose it, and sometimes i let my "more colourful" side show.
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The gayest thing I've ever done was cutting my hair short. That, and telling this girl that I was quite smitten with her...though I have yet to hear a reaction. *crosses fingers*

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Easy one...

Created this site.

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Visit this site

Visiting is almost as gay as creating!

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not nearly =)

It takes a whole lot of time, and perseverence to do create and run a site like this. =)

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It's cute how you believe in things. - Slither

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personally Adrian, i am waiti

personally Adrian, i am waiting for the smoking gun pointed at site from the GOP :P...
"Does the Walker choose the Path, or does the Path choose the Walker?"

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Oopes, double post :P
"Does the Walker choose the Path, or does the Path choose the Walker?"

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Jeff, you take the tamale.

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Errrr- dancing around to Scis

Errrr- dancing around to Scissor Sisters and imagining my girlfriend there with me? Not so much gay, as sad- seeing as I didn't HAVE a girlfirend and was imagining Alyson Hannigan.
Or there's my collection on rainbow wristbands and the 1000s of posters and images I have of Alyson Hannigan, again- more stalkery than gay.
*Suffering from Alyson Hannigan addiction and withdrawl.*

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haha, i definitely just

haha, i definitely just danced to the scissor sisters and imagined my girlfriend with me this afternoon... also sad because i also don't have a girlfriend.

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[among so many other things]

dated a girl at school for a few weeks, broke it off, and then became her roommate.

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Went to school in leather pants and black velvet shirt sporting a rainbow pin that said 'I kiss boys'.

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Niko I think we have winner!

Niko I think we have winner!
"Does the Walker choose the Path, or does the Path choose the Walker?"

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Can I PLEASE have your leathe

Can I PLEASE have your leather pants? Or at least a picture of you wearing them? Or both?

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I would have to say the gayest thing i have ever done isn't so gay, but what i was thinking was. Danced with my crush, to a slow song holding her a little tight for the whole okay girls-dancin-with-each-other thing. I don't know if that counts but that's all i got.

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Well, I stoped shaving my leg

Well, I stoped shaving my legs and started spouting out femmenist crap (although that might be more of a femenist thing than a lesbian thing...). What else...I guess started watching movies soley for the hot chick. OH and I started falling for BUTCH women (yet still not having the nerve to talk to them *sheds tear*).

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i TOTALLY watch movies all

i TOTALLY watch movies all the time just for the hot chick in em, lol

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