happy or content?

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A young girl says she’s content,
With the life she’s lived and the time she’s spent.
She does her routine with work and play,
But she does it the same, day after day.

One day someone comes for whom she truly longs,
But she thinks she’s too plain, and they won’t be fond.
She thinks this person is too grand for her,
So she continues with her regular pattern.

Soon this person gets to know her,
And they become good friends with each other.
They travel together seeing new places,
But at night she longs for familiar faces.

Her quiet little world is thrust into motion,
And feelings start to surface with bubbling emotion.
It takes this dream person for her to realize,
All the truths in her life, and all of her lies.

The girl misses her old life; this new one’s a whirl,
She misses the way she could hide away from the world.
She and her companion sadly arrange to part,
Something will be coming and leaving from her heart.

Before they depart her friend tells her this,
She is given advice she will never forget.
“Don’t waste your talent on meaningless tasks,
Your life will pass by way too fast.

“Everyone has something special to do,
To pursue that special thing is up to you.
Spend your precious time with the people you love,
Don’t be afraid to do the things you’ve dreamt of.


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yay! did she stay with him, and continue traveling? that's such a great poem! i can't get the rhythm of it right in my head, though.