Hes got me

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Again last night we spent are time in WalMart this time
Walking around the store. I got brave enough to hold
his hand and not really give a fuck rather anyone
gave me werid looks or not. I am just letting all
my fears go and see where this takes me. I guess
in the end I am happy to just see where it goes
even thought I could end up with a broken heart
I didn't want to leave last night and when I got
ready to a fast little peck on the lips was all I got
plus I could barely read last night. So when I was trying
to read shirts everything came out wrong. I guess
since last night a couple of the girls said they
thought we where a cute couple made me decide to
jump in feet first and wait for the affect of it
later I guess I am just to the point that I don't
give a fuck what anyone thinks any more. I
don't want to wait for a couple of years and be
what-if I don't with girlfriends and I don't
think if he was a girl that I would have so much
to say about it but he isn't so it makes me
question what i thought i knew for 19 years