How do you feel the media portreys gays?

Really well, have you seen the great shows they have expressing our lifestyle
0% (0 votes)
Ok, their depiction is still somewhat sterotypical
61% (62 votes)
Horrible, they have us playing the stupid best friend or very promiscuous
24% (24 votes)
At least we are in the media
7% (7 votes)
Have no opinion what so ever
8% (8 votes)
Total votes: 101


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The problem comes when you ta

The problem comes when you talk about the stereotypes. If you portray every gay man as effeminate to the max and a slut, then you'll be screamed at for stereotyping, and rightly so. But if you portray every gay man in exactly the same way as you portray straight men, with the one exception being their attraction for other men, you'll be lambasted for not making the characters indentifiably gay (basically, gay enough) and for basically dumbing it down so as to provoke nothing.

Personally, I don't care if I'm watching a show about straight people or gay people. It matters more to me what the content of the show is, though I do appreciate at least acknowledgement of gays and lesbians.

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I can't even stomach how gays are portrayed in the TV and movie media. Granted it is nice that the presence of homosexuality is shown, but the way it is shown doesn't foster acceptance; it only fosters ignorance. Many gays aren't effeminate sex-mongers.

The reason that I feel uncomfortable with my "gayness" is that I don't fit into the stereotype, and I can't accept the promiscuous "lifestyle" that is portrayed. Why aren't gay Christians portrayed? We do exist.

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i totally agree with you. although i'm neither fully gay, nor a christian.... i only know... three gays/lesbians that actually fit the stereotypes. they are the reasons for people not being able to see gays as people too.

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I think that at least whith the lesbian portrayal, there is certainly not enough accurate representation. It seems as if most of the lesbians portrayed on televsion are extremely straight looking and are cast on tv for the sole purpose of boosting ratings. Even the LWord doesn't do justice to the lesbian community in my opionion. There needs to be some diversity within the gay community shown on television!

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Characters in the media are often stereotypes. The media plays not just into stereotypes on sexuality, but on race, religion, sex/gender and other categories as well. Of course there will always be room for improvement. But, realistically, you shouldn't be too hopeful of the media not providing characters of different extremes.

I think that many shows still are an overall positive influence, even if they stereotype. While Queer as Folk tend to stereotype gays and lesbians, I think the audience gets a better understanding of the gay community and makes them more receptive to other gay people. You can't expect people to suddenly support gay rights after watching it, but it is likely they will be encouraged to talk to other gay people.


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i tend to disagree

i don't like the stereotypes that appear in today's shows. they make gay people seem sooo different from normal people, and so others can't relate.

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Let's face it, steriotyping i

Let's face it, steriotyping is one of the biggest problems humans have. We still don't seem to have gotten over our issues with race. Go out and count the shows that show happy gay and lesbian couples. There aren't many.

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Steriotypes won't go away. T

Steriotypes won't go away. The only people on TV not being rampantly stereotyped right now are tall, white, heterosexual men. Name any other minority and they are being stereotyped like crazy somewhere.
I wish there was ONE show that didn't stereotype gays as much. But that's not the case. At lease we have Christopher Rice's books...

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"Steriotypes [sic] won't go away"

I agree. There are still a lot of racial stereotypes in the media as well, not to mention stereotypes of various different class groups, people from different regions and so forth. Stereotyping is just a reaction to the presense of people not like oneself, I think; when you see black people or gays or Native Americans or New Yorkers, and you're not one of them, you're inclined to view them as all being the same, while focusing on how different they are from you. This is part of what is called "otherizing."

Thus, you've got Native Americans who all look like they came from the Plains, femmy gay boys, butch lesbians, loud New Yorkers and so forth. I suppose that racial stereotypes aren't as bad as they used to be, but they still exist.

By the way, it's "stereotypes," with an "e."

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