How do your parents feel about you having sex (either theoretically or actually)?

We NEVER talk about that sort of thing
49% (22 votes)
They basically forbid me from touching anybody before I'm married
7% (3 votes)
They're not thrilled, but they're not going to stop me, either
31% (14 votes)
They're totally supportive of my decisions
13% (6 votes)
Total votes: 45


skip's picture

She knows...

... but never really cooments about it. We joke about sex quite often though.

GAfag's picture


in my house it is understood that i am having sex, but my dad is to afraid to talk about it.


Davinia MoonShine's picture

No Way, Jose'

We actully have a rule. If I or my mother say anything about body parts or sex related things the other person can say something about their sex life now who wants to hear about their parents sex life??? Sorry if I throw up

Davinia Michelle MoonShine but you can call me Davi

Christian's picture

I wish I could change my vote...

Originally I voted for "We NEVER talk about that sort of thing", but since then my mother has pretty much decided that being gay is fine, it the sex with men she has a problem with. Oh, and I can't be gay and not have sex with men (she said so...) so, now I think its more of a "They basically forbid me from touching anybody before I'm married" (which works for her, because gay people cant get married here in the UK).

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