how many of you have been subject to abuse?

just gesture or two
11% (7 votes)
a few mean words and glances
47% (29 votes)
my property has been vadilised
10% (6 votes)
been beat and mugged
11% (7 votes)
none at all
21% (13 votes)
Total votes: 62


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WEll i got alot of "Hey gayfu

WEll i got alot of "Hey gayfur you homo" and a few "go suck a guy's dick"... and then theres the 'I hate you' glance


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Re: Poll

I dont think this poll is quite acurate because most of the categories come in links.. personally i've seen ever bit of this.. i've been made fun of, talked about, my stuff has litteraly been burned, my dog was shot and killed, and i've been beaten plenty of times (even if i did fight a bit back) i've still got scars from alot of those fights..

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I answered this assuming that

I answered this assuming that by "abuse" you meant "anti-gay harrassment"... Is this correct?

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I've had some of those, but I

I've had some of those, but I wouldn't choose any of those choices. I was outed by girls at a bitchy homophobic school, who searched up my name to find this site, as well as the usual glances and whispers and stuff. I'd choose the second choice except it isn't really all. There needs to be an 'other' option.



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Well, to me, it seems that these build on eachother.

If you've been beaten and/or mugged, then I think it may be safe to assume that you had received a few mean words and glances, and if youve received those, then you've probably received just a gesture or two. The only one that seems to me to be independent of the others is vandalism of your property.

My reasoning is that people do things in stages. once abusers see that they can get away with the smaller things, such as verbal harassment, then they will do worse.

Have any of you who have been beaten or mugged never been thrown a dirty look or insulted a couple of times?


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Nobody at school knows about me other than the people I've chosen to tell so nobody does anything. Unfortunately, my girlfriend has been gestured at and insulted.

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more than one up there :( it was sad the stupidist I have heard on the sayings was "Silly Faggot Dicks are for Chicks"

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yeah, the tree was tp-ed, and there was a note on the sidewalk, in chalk, that said 'die dyke' yeah, that sucks... and the other things above. since i'm so out at school, i get special attention. and being called a fucking lesbian to my face is the least of my problems. at least that one's true.

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