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I am just so in love with this guy and it is driving me to the breaking point
i need to stay on point because this is the last month of class and i need to
pull thought it and get out so that my three months during summer i can party
it up. this could be the one thing that keeps my band here instead of moving
this could be the one person who makes me feel like the world kind of revovles
around me. i like him and i don't want to really decide rather i need to stay here
or move. I run around and then it comes down to the end and i can stop running
and just be with him i can stand still and let the world just move around me
I can stand in his arms leaning against his chest and just feel safe and let the world
move and still i am confused as to how i fell so hard for a guy. of all the people
in this world to love why him and then why not. I surely thought that maybe
it would be a girl that I fell so deep in love with. then again I am so caught
up in this guy that it is just driving me insane. I like this feeling of being
love but i miss being able to eat and sleep because all i do is think about him
but somehow that has improved my ability to sing because this track we just
cut is so good that I am worried about it.