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Something AMAZING happened today!!

So whenever we have a gathering at school, at the end they always say "Does anybody have any announcements or anything they'd liked to say?"... People get up and take the mic and say whatever, usually about upcoming basketball games or whatever. But TODAY this girl walks up, a 7th grade girl, must've been 12 years old, and takes the microphone. She looked more serious and determined than I've seen anybody look in a long time. She said,

"So you all know that it's hard to keep secrets." (The crowd murmurs in confused agreement.) "Well. I'm not going to hide this any more. I'm a lesbian."

And then she marched right off the stage again, just like that. The whole school cheered. I almost cried. It was fucking brilliant.


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That is just awesome.

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man, ime impresd. she has got stones to do that infront of her school

she holds the pen that spells the end



She has got A LOT of flippin gutz to do that.I give that chick props wow.

I want to cry but my pride won't let me.

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I was hoping to do something like that at one stage. But I lost that chance.


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Thats amazing! What courage!

Thats amazing! What courage! I give a standing ovation! I'd cry too if that happened at my school:)

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That's fucking awesome.

Oh my God I wish I could of seen that in person. That girl is freaking brave.
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I really wish I could have seen her, that's awesome :D

...was she hot? haha! jk...oops, she's twelve, scratch that... :P


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I love your school, too!

That girl is just so spectacularly awesome that I can't even express it...and to have your school cheer,too! You're lucky to be in such a tolerant environment...

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like u all said wonderfull..hm maybe

ill try that over the intercom at work :)

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