I say sad you say Depressed

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Ugh... I feel like a total glob of shit. I feel like dying and sitting by myself alone in a corner. Yes this seems like one of those tv ads, but I don't think depression describes it. Usually (i can admit) that I am trying to get attention, but this time it feels like when someone notices I get all defensive. At times I look back and say " God damn I was such an Ass with a capital W, I mean I was trying to get attention" Usually writing akes me feel better, but one time a teacher asked if I was Depressed and I told her off screaming at her. Not proud of that. I wrote this o ask you what you think? I went to a psychologist and they said no advice, I felt really crappy when I tried talking to my sis, It seems like Nothing is WORKING! IM PULLING THE HAIR OUT OF MY HEAD! AHHHHHHHHH!<

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i know what you mean...but im

i know what you mean...but im still getting those annoying question marks over my head- care to elaborate? i do a lot of shit to attention- earlier last year i cut myself. i remember when they saw the marks and were telling me not to, it was so hard not to laugh...is that wierd?
ah well. if you want to go on a bit about your situation or just need to talk, im always open for anything- you can always email me- dont_email_me_000@yahoo.com or whatever.
good luck...with...whatever you need good luck with.

life is hell.
enjoy it while you can.

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Tell me about it

God, when you are that depressed there really is nothing you can do. It sucks ass. The only ways to actually feel human again are all "bad" (i.e. get drunk, get high, cut, steal, do 85 in a 35 speed zone and run red lights... not that I've ever done that when I was depressed.) I guess all I can really say is that I'm sorry and that you won't feel this way forever. Great consolation, I know. No need to thank me. Why are all of us fags such emo kids????

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About emo stuff

Yeah, so we're sad, some of us. But does being sad make us emo?
I'm not like, fighting, i'm just not sure on the definition of emo...
I always assumed being emo meant like, hurting yourself and dressing all strange. I don't know many emo people. I'm trying not to be stereotypic, but if you consider yourself emo, that doesn't mean anything unless you can back it up.

Gay or Bi, but definately not mermaid.

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breaking stuff you're not spo

breaking stuff you're not sposed to break is always fun...