I would thought

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I talked to this guy for 3 hours last night and
since this seems to be the only thing really happening
in my life that I feel like talking about it
gets posted here. Still confused but at least last night
knowing how he feels makes me a little more sure
of what I am doing and where for the moment
I am going Its odd to feel like every song on the
radio is talking to my heart. I can't really handle
the rumers on the floor. I know he said he has defended me
people have said we kissed to we have had sex and
the first we did but the second we haven't done and
I am not sure I would let him. I would have to know
him a lot better than I do know and I barely
know anything about him. I wish I knew him as
well as i know danny. I just wish I knew what to
say to him when he talks smack. Cause I know the
differance know and I know what he is like. He
can talk shit but he wouldn't do crap about it.
That makes me feel a whole lot different. I guess
to me it seems like the idea of just being with him
is different and i guess the rumers don't bug me
but he has said the one about us having sex bothers
him because he knows I am not like that and he is
right I am not I don't have sex with anyone on the
first date I just wish I knew why suddenly I have
fallen so hard for a guy? Why know after all my life
liking girls and know I like this guy what is the deal
I wish I knew.