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Kathleen Hanna (from riot-grrl bands Bikini Kill and Le Tigre)has a solo project I recently learned about called Julie Ruin and it rocks. here are the lyrics to 'i wanna know what love is' (which, incidentally, is featured in the awesome lesbian film 'better than chocolate')
She is so grrl power.

Intro: Do you remember when we were young and
impressionable and taught to believe everything
the great-white father told us?

How many girls stay awake all night
Too scared to sleep and too scared to fight back
I know you know what I'm talking about
Another woman killed and hardly a pout about it
Green River Killer my fucking ass
The cops have got to be deaf, dumb, and spastic
To not catch the killer of a hundred women
I guess it'd be different if they thought we were human
I wanna know what love is
What the fuck if we all got guns
To off the fucking pigs and all the other motherfuckers
Raping the children they paint like dolls
Jon Benet didn't scream cuz she never fucking was
Come on now the police aren't gonna save you

They're part of the problem that society gave you
Locking up black men for whistling in the wind
You see a mirage when you call a cop your friend
I wanna know what love is
The killers and the cops give us special advice
Like cross your legs and act fucking nice
While they kill us off old and young
For breathing, relieving and having fun
They'll keep you scared so you have to have a boyfriend
And take your kids away if youre a la-la-lesbian
Arrest you for whoring then rape you in the car
Its time we point the finger at who the real criminals are
I wanna know what love is and I want you to show me
So I'll stay awake almost every night
A pen in my hand and in the other a knife
Cuz I'd rather be scared and fight back
Than be some dick's maid, babe or wife...

Check out her music, it is just beyond describable.