I'll Call You if I Can Go Out, Okay?

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Ahhh... I am so freaked out/pissed off/disoriented/sick/confused/angry/fucked... AH

Okay, so my fucking boyfriend and I planned to hang out tonight. I'm leaving for Europe on Monday so this is the last time we'd get to be together for like two and a half weeks. He said we were definately doing it on Monday, again on Wednesday, and this morning. Then, after school, I went to ask what time he'd pick me up and stuff, and he started saying something about having to go to a wake, and planning to hang out with other people. So, naturally, I said, "Wait. What?" "Well, uh. I'll call you if I can go out, okay?" And then he runs off.

FYI, "I'll call you if I can go out," is his language, means "I won't call you because I can't go out."

I know this is a pretty minor incident, but this is like the third time it's happened and I'm just so fucking mad because I REALLY like him and he just... Doesn't care. He makes me feel completely meaningless, and now I'm just so... Disoriented. Like, what the fuck have I been doing for the past two months? WHY did I ever think this could work at all? It's fucking killing me. I'm at a total loss. I guess I should probably just end it or something. I don't know. I'm kind of a sick over it. Ehh.

If you guys have anything nice to say, I'd appreciate it. I feel like shit.


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Anything nice to say? Let's see... you don't deserve to be treated that way even if it is minor. It's the little things that count or at least that's what I've heard.

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I agree with niks u don't deserve that.in my opinion even though you like him i think you should just end it if he makes you feel meaningless.but that's just my opinion.well hope u feel better.

I want to cry but my pride won't let me.

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You wanna know what else is shitty? The soccer field I just played a match on...it was covered in manure, so the grass was hard and smelt feral, I felt ill *gag*

Anyways, sorry...back to you...

I don't know what advice to give you, I've never dated a guy before...but you only asked for nice things right? Okay...hmmm...

Damnit, I should have read the other replies first, so that I don't repeat...grrr..

Ok, from the couple of short msn conversations I've had with you, you sound like a lovely, laid-back, loyal, (ooh, alliteration!) NICE girl...and he definitely shouldn't be treating you like this. But you obviously care a lot about him so I wouldn't just give up on the relationship yet, ask him what's wrong...let him know that you can see what he's doing. Whether he does or does not stop, the ball is in your court...you deserve better than that...

See, I told you people I could be nice...kinda

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Ah, dear.

I don't know if I can help you out since I hardly get this problem with boys (as I dated only a few). But I did get this problem with friends, and friends are supposed to count.

Well, one of the worse feelings you can get when you care about someone is when they make you feel meaningless and that you feel that everything you do for them is meaningless. Then sometimes they end up making you think you're delusional, and they'll be all like, "Oh, that's dumb, I didn't even do anything to make you feel that way." I would warn you on that since people usually do that shit...

How is that a minor incident? It really isn't, because it can turn into something more. But then again, have you talked to him? Maybe there's something you're missing that could make everything better... maybe you'll understand what's really going on.

I'm sorry you feel this way! I felt I might as well respond. I hope this helped and counted as something nice to say! n.n


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*cuts off his dick*

that's not very nice i know but i don't really give a fuck seeming that he doesn't give a fuck about you, i think you diserve better [repeating what nik said yes...damnit she always posts before me] but i think you should try talking to him about how u feel and if things dont change its to get someone who really cares about you, whats the point of having a boyfriends when in the end you still don't know who you can run to.

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