I'm in the money

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Hi kids,

As you may be able to tell from the title, I've come into a nice time right now as far as money is concerned. Most of it has to do with my current job waiting tables. I've only been back a week (I quit for a few months, found a worse job, quit that, and then here I am back at job #1), and I've already made so much money! Now I remember why I used to be such an alcoholic--I had all this extra money burning a hole in my pocket! Heaven forbid if I save it, so I gotta spend it. :-P Let's read on as to how I've spent it....

To be honest, I haven't spent much of my money on myself. For example, my partner and I went out with one of his *very cute* friends the other night and had dinner and cocktails. I picked up the tab. A few nights prior, I went out with this *very cute* bassoon player to meet up with him about music related things, and I picked up our drink tab (and we had LOTS to drink that night, let me tell you!). Last night, I made out pretty well at work, as well. I didn't get a chance to go out last night and spend it, but I think I can tonight: my partner and I are going out with his *very cute* friend again, and I think we're going to have a really REALLY good time. Yes. Heh heh. Mmmm.

I've also been really busy playing at churches and stuff lately. For the past two or three weeks, I've been getting gigs playing trumpet and singing at various churches around the area. I have a church gig tomorrow, as well, which is going to pay rather nicely. Rent isn't going to be an issue this month, that's for sure. And I'll still have enough money to pay for all my bills and such. AND money to go out and have fun. Yay! :-D Good times, good times.

In other news, I'm afraid there isn't much to report. I've been working a lot for my first week, and I've been getting off pretty late every night. During the day, I take care of errands as needed, but for the most part, I just bum around the house looking for something to entertain me.

I hope that everybody has a fabulous weekend filled with the things they enjoy most, and I hope that you all are having better weather than I am here! :) As always, behave and be nice, so you don't turn out like me.



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why men are so selfish, and full of crap

I am just wondering why so many men are so selfish, into none sense and full of crap. I wish parent would teach their kids to be decent men. I also think when a women have a son she should teach him some values, and manners. Most men don't know how to treat a women cause their mothers were probably in relationships where they were abused but stayed reguardless. Women should have more respect for themselves and kids to be with a men that don't want them or do them badly. It always affects the child.

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yeah.. I was wondering where

yeah.. I was wondering where that came from too. wtf??