im new and i need help im 14 and confussed

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im 14 and im confussed and i need help i told my mum i was bi she took
kinda bad. i dont no was my sexuality is i am so confussed and no1
understands me. it is hard being a teenager. there has been days i have
cried over it. i no im not 100% straight, i no im bi or lesbain but trying
to tell some1 that is difficult please can some1 give me advise???


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alright, first you have this

alright, first you have this very valuable line of commmunication with people who know what it is like to be lesbian or bi or whatever. you should figure out exactly how you feel, wether your bi or lesbian and then get yourself comfortable with it. it seemed to me that you didnt feel comfortable with yourself about being bisexual. as for your mother, give her time im sure that she will eventually come to terms with it. most parents come aorund. just live your life with no bounderies to your sexuality and see what happens. thats all i can tell you. is my email. im here to talk if you need to. use it

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Why do you need to tell people yet? Get it sorted out on your own first, by using this site and talking to people who are OK with it, and then you'll be better prepared to tell people in your everyday life.

There's no rush to come out.

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thx. i have got it sorted a b

thx. i have got it sorted a bit. its my mum and she dont no how i feel thats y im soooooooooooooo confussed. thank u for ur help


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this is what u do

First thing first figure out exactly how you feel... If your confused trust me they will be even more confused when u tell them and try to explain it(i did it that way)... once you know if you bi or lesbian you then have to come to terms with that yourself... meaning you havt to know it, except it, and love yourself the way you are... agter you have done that figure out how you want to tell it... then the final step WAIT!!!! Wait until your ready to come out... trust me you will know when your ready to... my sexuality was exposed to my parents the wrong way and at the wrong time and well that sux... so make sure that when you tell anyone that your sure about it and your ready and you can handle it... i dont want to scare you but its not always easy and not everyone will except it but you will be ok... if you need to talk or you just want to talk or ask me anything anything at all give me an email.. my addy is let me know how things go for you.

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I have recently come out to my friends, i have not told my dad yet but i think he will react bad to it..
How i told my friends was got very drunk when to the shool rock concert and told them, I am still fully sure how they all reacted on the night but they seem prettyu cool about it,, i mean we all laugh at it because i came out at the same time as my best friend, You just need to tell people that you think will take it cool and build up from there..
if you neeed to chat email me at