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hey folks! what's happening? i'm (for once) in a good mood. i was just thinking. isn't this such a great place? i mean, how many other gay people do you know? other than your b/g friend? it really shows a lot about our culture. the gay culture, that is. we always find ways to communicate to eachother. whether it's pinky rings, or a rainbow pin, we always seem to know. i find it really amazing how well we can adapt. if it's not safe to be out somewhere, we aren't. i think that we have a great advantage over straights: we have the choice of who to tell. yeah, there is the assumption, but we do have that power. isn't that increadible? i think so... so all of you who are out there (pun intended), think about this. you have power. you are special. you don't have to stick out, but someone always knows about you. and in today's world, we are working to make it better for everyone
who isn't straight/doesn't identifie with their birth gender (sorry about the scientific language).
really folks, think for a moment. yeah, most of us are depressed (or, like in my case, bipolar but we can find eachother, and we can find support. isn't that incredible?

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this is so true!!! you give me hope. thanks

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It is incredible. I'm feeling happier now than I was prior to reading this entry. Thanks

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for everyone

i'm just doing my part. you guys helped me through my own patch of hell, so now i'm returning the favor. i really want to make life better for everyone, and this is how i do it. welcome to Little Patch of Heaven.

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That is soo true, made me even happier than I already was this morning *big huge smile on face*

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You are quite right. Oasis i

You are quite right. Oasis is pretty damn cool, everyone is so supportive and friendly. :) yay for good moods, places, and days!

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